Feeling generally unmotivated to write lately, however with Jayson’s picture down there, it would behoove me to put some text (distance?) between then top of the page and his face. But I can’t really think of much to say, though while reading the paper I came across this article which made me feel really good for a minute, ‘cos I was a scout and their policies, now out in the open, disgust me.

Scouts’ Use of Schools Under Attack

When I was in scouts, we were sponsored by a church and got to use their space after hours, but of course back then there were “no problems” with the scouts, aside from my racist, bigot scoutmaster who hated nearly everyone, blacks, hispanics, women and the mentally and physically challenged. Of course our whole division wasn’t much better. It sounds so petty after all this time that it’s silly, but they still owe me trophies for competitions that I won.. the little car derbies, the sailboat race things.. They always said, “Oh we’ll send the trophies to your scoutmaster who will distribute them to you.” Sure, ok.

Ah, there’s nothing like time and unfulfillment to make one a nice bitter soul.

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