TGIF: Where are your shoes?!


Arr, I be movin’ a mite bit slower than usual this morning. So much so that I’ll worry about talking like a pirate a little later on this morning. Not that I talk to too many people at the office anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Michael and I headed to Halo last night for a few drinks, which turned into more than a few drinks, but it was a good time. Halo’s started up their 2-4-1 happy hour again, seemingly with no restrictions. Some people had handouts for “HX – Happy Hour Extreme” which would have afford them the two for one special until 10, but the bartenders were saying that they didn’t need them.

I'm outta booze and all I got is 5 minutes

So one drink was really two, and those two sorta multiplied into… six? I think. It was a good time though and I did finish the evening with some water and I tried to watch some TV when I got in, but the room actually was a little wobbly–HD does not look better when you’re drunk, it’s actually kinda scary–so I figured it was best to just head to bed.

I woke up this morning a little later than normal, no shock there really, but I felt ok. Shower, scale showing yet another bit o’ weight lost, dressed, listened to music and weather… No problem, I’ll be fine! While waiting for the elevator, something seemed amiss. Checked for wallet, keys, office badge, phone, all there. Then I looked down and realized I was missing my shoes.

Yeah… I’ll be just fine today.

* If you don’t get the joke in the title, you’ve never been part of the FlyCrew!

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3 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    Hey, I forgot to bring my journal with me to work (in my usual bag o’ fun), and I didn’t even drink last night.

  2. kyle says:

    Unlike straight women, gay men get scared if you look like you have a brain (which includes any hints of being creative with words). Trust me, writing in a journal in public doesn’t attract the men.

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