it’s been 3 days

Things proceed apace with Larry and Chris.. I’m not trying to tally up, but I’ve seen Chris more than Larry, however Larry seems more aggressive on dating than Chris. Well I talked to Chris yesterday and he tells me he’s not even looking to date anyone at the moment. He just likes to have “friends with benefits”.. sort of a few steps above fuckbuddies, I’d imagine, but he did say he’d enjoy hanging out with me even if it weren’t for the sex, so that’s a good thing. I saw him last night for dinner (an amazing meal he cooked) and Star Trek, then afterwards some pretty fantastic sex. I called Larry on the cell phone on the way home from Chris’ place and talked to him until about 11:30..

I’m going over to Larry’s place tonight for dinner and Thursday night NBC watching. Not really my thing, but it’s a nice way to spend time together and it’s low-key. He extended the invitation to stay over tonight, but I think I’ll decline tonight and opt for tomorrow instead. Part of me feels like I owe him some time due to the hanging out with Chris. It’s still so weird to have someone so actively pursuing me, I’m really not used to it at all.

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