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Alex Ross cover for the Heroes Graphic Novel It’s so pretty. The Alex Ross cover for the upcoming Heroes graphic novel coming out on November 7. Half the books will print with the Alex Ross cover, half with a cover by Jim Lee. I might have to pick this up because as much as I like Heroes, I really haven’t been keeping up with the meta-show. The NBC-sanctioned viral websites and online graphic novels which give a bit more of the backstory and support the show instead of drawing attention away from it. I’m very excited for its return, but I have a lot of tv to catch up on and watch in the meantime. There’s Torchwood and Doctor Who, mainly, I have to check out the IT Crowd too.

Speaking of TV, French and Saunders are back! — sort of. Their new show on BBC One, A Bucket o’ French and Saunders is more like “with 15% new material”. It revolves around the pair’s older sketches introduced by Joanna Lumley, who promises viewers they can watch Dawn and Jennifer “get fatter and older in front of your very eyes!” And a new sketch, the first episode had Dawn and Jennifer back in their familiar White Room set. Dawn had come to dine at Jennifer’s new celebrity restaurant — I think it was meant to knock Gordon Ramsey down a few pegs as all that could be heard from the kitchen was a lot of shouting and the F-word, literally “F-ing.” And when Dawn’s entree finally came out, it was a single pea. Jennifer then spat on the plate, saying “That’s foam, it’s all the rage now.” It can’t really be explained, it’s you have to be there (watching) comedy.

federer_djokovic.jpg I had been avoiding the US Open the past 2 weeks because I didn’t want to get sucked into it, but I had to watch last night to see my sexy android Roger Federer beat the crap out of Novak Djokovic, though it wasn’t as cut and dry as I expected it to be. There were a lot of times when I thought Novak might actually pull out a win, but Roger was cooler than a frozen cucumber of course and after two rough sets, pulled out a win and finally showed some emotion. Not that there aren’t other reasons for watching

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet weekend. I was still down most of Saturday with my headache, but felt better on Sunday. Justin and I went to brunch at Luna Grill over on Conn Ave. off of Dupont Circle and had a good time there. It was my first time ordering eggs benedict and while it wasn’t horrible, one of my eggs was poached a little too long and therefore had a soft-boiled consistency with a firm yolk, ew. I caught the eye of this very cute freckled redhead on my way out, and naturally left a CL ad, but as I’ve seen nothing come in, he probably didn’t check or didn’t care. Why didn’t I just say hello, some might ask. Because Justin and I are in some odd sort of limbo where we aren’t exactly friends, and we aren’t exactly dating. And while I’d have no problem going out with someone, I wouldn’t try chatting someone up while he’s right there next to me.

I’ve found a new good light fare nukeable meal. Healthy Choice Café Steamers. They’re pretty cool actually, the sauce is in a bowl underneath a vented steamer basket containing the meats, veggies and pasta/rice. As the sauce heats, it steams the food instead of just being nuked and the end result looks much more like real food than their regular meals. They’ve also changed the packaging so that it displays the sodium content along with the fat and calories on the front/top of the box. The best part of all, it’s self-venting, so no more stabbing it with a fork or knife, or peeling up the edges hoping that you won’t get food too dry or puddling in its own melt when you’re done.

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