double your pleasure, double your indecision

So ok, it was a good weekend for me.. a really good one. Good news: I met two nice guys, Larry and Chris. Bad news: I met two nice guys, Larry and Chris. Both interesting, both good kissers, both seem to find me very attractive, and both are demons in the sack. Yeah, you heard me.

Chris and I had actually been talking for years, but never met ‘cos he was in a relationship or adamantly not in a relationship at the time, and Larry just saw my AOL screen name and said hello one day. I like them both, seen a bit more of Chris than Larry, and I’m tending to lean more towards Chris. Except that Larry’s really nice too. This is why I rarely date more than one person at a time. And often what happens to me in these situations is very much like a formula movie, I like two people.. two people like me.. I choose one person over the other, then find that the one I chose doesn’t really like me all that much and now the other person won’t have anything to do with me. I’m walking a fine line.. I know. The real question right now is do I let either one know that I’m dating someone else? I’m thinking no, ‘cos it’s just dating, no committments yet. Though this does bring me back to investigating my polyamorous side in that, I wish I could continue for a while (a long while) with the both of them, but that’s hardly fair to either one.

Well time will tell. I also feel like I neglected Shawn a little bit this weekend, and I didn’t really mean to do that ‘cos that’s not the person I want to be that just drops friends ‘cos a man calls up.

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