Where do I begin?

Seriously.. I have no idea. I’m starting to realize that most of my writing comes from when I’ve had a bad day or bad experience. I guess that’s no different from anyone else in the blogosphere that does a personal journal. So.. like it’s been a good week, a very good weekend, about the only things I’ve gotten slightly pissy about were the dry pork loin at dinner (The Reef) last night and the overwhelming realization that the only thing I can “learn” from the new show on the food network Ace of Cakes is that, like one observes in many non-competitive reality shows, people get pissed off at their jobs all the time. I guess I’m in too good a mood lately.

I rang in the Fall Equinox with a drink, but most of my Friday evening involved cleaning my place as I was inviting the guy over for the first time on Saturday and I never feel that my place is clean enough. But I did reach my limit and chilled out on the couch most of the night watching tv and chatting online. Saturday morning I headed out early to the farmers market to pick up some pear cider (which was fabulous!) and didn’t see much else that I liked, however if I’d known that I was going to get an inkling to make tomato soup today, I would have grabbed some tomatoes there, they had some lovely ones. Safeway.com delivered groceries around 12:30 and it seems like the same things are out of stock everytime I order, the most common item being their bag of lemons. My e-mails to them go unanswered, but you’d think that they would either give some form of free-delivery reorder or just stock up on the items that they constantly run out of. Even worse is that they claim the orders are filled from the nearest Safeway to me, so when I went to the store today what did I see? Tons of pre-weighed bags of lemons, just like I ordered but claimed to be “out of stock” — oh well. I made sangria today with limes instead of lemons and it really does make a difference, however it’s a good difference.

My date was very nice, we went out for dinner in Adams Morgan and came back here to watch movies and some tv. It was great to spend some time together without being pressed-in in Halo, or walking and walking around DC. Sometimes you just want to sit down and cuddle, a nice quiet evening. Though I’m thinking that we need to go dancing soon, too.

I’ve been pulling off various shows from TiVo to create my own little food instruction DVD and printing out a lot of recipes from the net after I’ll see it on a show. The tomato soup I made today was from that closet queen Michael Chiarello and it needed a little jazzing up, and I should have substituted vegetable broth for the chicken broth, but it is really yummy. Slashfood recently had a post about the audition call for the next “Next Food Network Star” and some co-workers and Everett suggested I make a video, but honestly, I so hate the reality genre and I’ve seen what happens to the “winners” — they vanish after a season. Their shows only being shown at 7 or 2 in the morning.

But I have thought about doing a video podcast for a while, either supported via youtube or revver or something, that’s more along the lines of cooking, food reviews, that sort of thing. Maybe with the odd personal entry from time to time as well. Everett has offered the loan of a camera, but I ask to the readership at large: any advice? Video editing programs? Cameras? Hosting services? What would you like to see in a podcast revolving around food and cooking? Additionally, has it already been done and am I just following the pack? I watched the Baseboard Diaries and felt it was a great medium for some of the kind of things I’d like to show/express – I just don’t know how to get started.

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