happiness is an option

Well this is the reason I hate AOL. I sent Doug a note. Did he read it? No, he deleted it. How do I know? ‘cos AOL lets you see the status of nearly anything. It’s one reason I’m hardly online these days when I’m dating a guy I met on AOL. I can always see where they hang out, they can see where I hang out. The Doug thing will bug me a while, I’m sure, but life goes on, y’know?

Today was a pretty good day, rediscovered my love for style sheets and photoshop tutorials. I really must buy some books, but at $40-50 a pop, it’s hard to justify buying a book just for reference. Especially if I want to go to Las Vegas with Sean.

And “the day” is coming up. Better stock up on alcohol.

I had a sort of coffee date last night that the guy totally stood me up for. I saw him online with many assurances that he’d give me a call after he saw a movie with his friends. Luckily I did not make my personal universe stop and hinge on this guy calling or not, ‘cos he didn’t. I did laundry, ordered pizza, watched my FOX shows and had some of my sugar cookies and hot cocoa while watching X-Files, and… no call. Well, except for one from my father at 9:50p wanting technical help.

I left a message via AOL, and YES, I’ll know if he chooses to delete it or ignore it, but what can you do?

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