When it rains…

…it pours. And it actually did rain today, so how appropriate. No real topic for this entry, just a lot of rambling stuff and nonsense, trying to get things out of my head and on paper. Well, the internet, so not really a diary, so much as a place that no one you know will see unless they’re searching for their name.1

blurry lights seen through the rain

So what are the drops for this metaphorical rain? The weather is likely the easiest culprit as it’s taken quite some time for it to maybe kinda stabilize to the point where it’s nice to be outside for long stretches. Though we still have our breezy and rainy days, so blegh. And the nicest days are the ones where I have to work. Even though I get out of the office early, all I want to do is go home. Even when I plan on happy hour, I’d rather go home and change first so I can be comfortable and enjoy it.

Of course, once we do get steady weather, it will be hot and I’ll complain about that. I already know this, but am still looking forward to it. Ha!

I did a dumb thing and turned my ankle a few weeks ago while stepping off of a curb. It’s not a sprain, but it’s definitely twisted and most definitely painful. So I haven’t been walking like I should have and the lack of exercise is definitely affecting my mood. I finally bought a wrap and that’s helped. Today was the first day moving around where it didn’t have a twinge of pain with every step, including stairs, so I’m probably on the mend. But I can also probably rule out adding in more jogging to my walks for the time being.

Less walking and poor mood means my eating got a little out of control. Mostly in that I haven’t been super careful and have been snacky more often than I should. My “two cocktail” rule2 has been broken a lot too. I’ve gained more weight than I would have liked and am having to do the “Today is Day One!” thing with calories again. Even if I can’t walk 5 miles a day, that’s no reason to stuff my face like I’m preparing for a hard winter.

polished black stones and pebbles splashed with rain

Those two are the bulk of things right now. Lesser things, I guess… I’m losing a bit of my faithful work ethic because some colleagues don’t give it their all, or sometimes any, and while I haven’t stopped caring, per se, it’s still hard to face that place every day with a smile and “No problem!” when it feels like you’re surrounded by slackers who just expect to get a check for showing up.

And Spring Cleaning still hasn’t managed to make it to The Swanktuary. I haven’t even been bringing in a bunch of new stuff, but it’s the harder realization that I already have too much stuff, and that it needs to be dealt with. I’ve been working on organization, but it’s slow going. Of course I’d love a Dwell-inspired interior, but I’m pretty sure no one can really live in such a space, or if they can, they certainly can’t do it very well.

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I’m going to have to make a habit of this more often. I feel a little better. Or it could be the baby kale and arugula from my super healthy lunch salad!3 Nah, probably not that. I hope everyone is staying as dry as possible today whether you’re getting rain or snow out your way! :mrgreen:

1 Seriously, back in the days when I’d just moved my blog from LiveJournal, the friend I hung out with the most admitted he didn’t read it, but he’d scan for his user/name. Nice!

2 I find this to be a good rule for carousing, even when not watching my calories. I go to a place with good drinks and enjoy no more than two cocktails, then think of someplace else nearby or a fair walk away to go, and repeat. While there are always exceptions to the rule — especially during happy hour — it keeps me moving and expands the options for more variety. Some of my worst “I’ve definitely had too much!” afternoons and evenings have come from stationing myself at a bar and not moving for hours. Not a good thing.

3 Yay, OMG, so healthy, yay.

[Featured and rainy images via pixabay]

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