greatest show on mars

Ok, Blogger likes to screw me over and remove my entries. No, it’s actually Windows 2000 that does it, so no blamin’ da blog.

Anyway, I was trying to say in a less direct manner that I’m more the inner pagan and I don’t practice much in the way of showy rituals, and such. But I think that Saturday, the Goddess was trying to remind me that She’s still watching:

saturday 3/10

    Woke up early, still being on East Coast time. Rolled about in bed, and finally got up and showered then read a little and watched TV while the other two finally regained a waking state. Helpful hint to party-goers, Tagamet, or the drugstore generic equivalent, take two before heading out drinking, or before going to bed after a night of drinking. Wake up with no ill physical effects. As for your memories of the previous evening, can’t help ya there.

    After getting ready to face the world, we ate, etc. Wandered around, gambled a bit. I took lots of pictures (77) which I hope to post soon online, but that’ll be a small chore, to be sure. It was a good day for me on the gambline front. I won a lot at the nickel machines, and they had to keep coming over and refilling my coin hoppers when I wanted to cash out.

    We had tickets to see De La Guarda at the Rio, so we headed over that way, me getting a slight slot machine addiction and dropping quarters and nickels in when I could sneak a chance. Though I kept winning, so I can’t complain (though Jerome jokingly did that I was too lucky). We got a little turned around in the Rio trying to find where the show was being performed, but once we found it (cue dramatic music) we stood in line (bring music up) and ended up meeting Sean and Jim (rise to crescendo and fade).

    *keep track of the Seans, one I met for the first time in Vegas, one I’ve been friends with for a while, and let’s not even add in Shawn*

    I’m sure we’ve all had that experience where we meet someone and have the equivalent of our eyes popping out of our skull and our jaw hitting the ground. Luckily I was much more held together than that, but clearly he caused a reaction. I guess I did as well. But his eyes were the most amazing I’ve ever seen. Sure we’d seen plenty of gay boys on the trip, but Sean seemed to be nice and down to earth and friendly. My problem was Jim, I didn’t know what was up with the two of them, regardless, during the show I maintained a nice close distance to Sean and more or less ignored, but not too badly, Jim, and Jerome & Sean were enjoying the show too much to notice. Turns out they were visiting from San Francisco (*sigh*), and that Sean had seen the show before, so he knew what to expect. The rest of us were virgins, but oh my goodness, words just fail me to describe how amazing the show was. Like one big adrenaline rush, from start to finish. Kinda like sex too. As I said, hard to describe.

    I managed to get over my shyness enough to mention that we were headed out dancing later that evening, and hoped we’d see them (still unsure what was up with Jim and Sean) out. Which we did. While at Gipsy, I discovered that Sean and Jim were sort of a couple without rules, in that they got together every now and again, but weren’t at any stages of committment, which became clearer as the evening progressed… Jim found himself a boy, and proceeded to dance (grind) and suck face right behind Sean. I took this as a clear sign that if there was something going on there it was either “open” which I despise, or they were looking for a third, which I wasn’t interested in. Eventually Sean pulled away from Jim and we started talking. There was a definite spark, and we danced, and kissed and… well, if he hadn’t been leaving the following morning (in 3 or 4 hours at that point), the evening would have likely ended up with one of us wandering home after breakfast in the morning, alas that wasn’t meant to be, but we exchanged numbers, e-mail addresses, etc, and have already chatted since.

So Saturday was an exceptional day, aside from me going to bed slightly peeved at the situation, but also a little bit in dream-mode too. It’s rare I meet someone that nice that finds me attractive as well.

I still wonder if someone’s trying to tell me something about moving to the West Coast…

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