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So as I was saying.. Vegas. Fantastic time, the travelogue, as it were:

friday 3/9

    After sleeping fairly disgruntledly after having to kick out Chris, I woke up totally early and got the last of my things together and shuffled off to the airport. National Airlines is in the “old” terminal, so I’d never been there before, but found it easy enough to get to, checked my bags curbside, and did my usual, find a seat, grab a book, listen to music until the flight’s called. Oddly enough, the breakfast they served mid-flight was quite good, and I ended up in Vegas around 10:30 or so and made it to the airport.

    This was really my first time traveling “on my own” where I wasn’t being met by someone at the airport, etc, so it was interesting to find my own ride places, though luckily most cab/shuttle drivers everywhere seem to know where everything is. And in Vegas that seems to go double (besides that fact that I could see my hotel from the airport). So I got to the MGM Grand, wandered around for a bit, totally overwhelmed by the sights and sounds, and then Sean and I played cell phone tag for a bit trying to get in touch with each other. He and Jerome had been there a little while, and gambled away a whole $7 playing nickel machines. We couldn’t get to our room until 3pm, but they held my bags for me and we went wandering around to look at the stores, and play arcade games, then ventured outside to pick up those little toiletries that you never have room for or always forget. I’d heard Vegas would be warm and dry. Well it was chilly, windy and even a little rainy that first day. Odd, but nothing I wasn’t used to from the East Coast.

    That evening, after eating, resting, chatting and more gambling (I won a bit at the nickel slots, Sean lost a lot at the craps tables), we saw EFX Alive, starring Rick Springfield. It was fun, but clearly the man’s getting older, though that didn’t matter to plenty of screaming middle aged women in the audience. A lot of pyrotechnics and strobelights and singing and dancing, and even a little 3-D portion that was kinda cool.

    Then we headed back to the room to “prepare” to go out to Gipsy, a tiny (by DC standards) club, with a $10 cover (!!!), but it was fun, I realized how fun it is to be out with people that don’t smoke, and like to dance. Gonna have to find more of those locally. We must have stayed there until 3 or 4 am. Hell, in Vegas, nothing ever closes anyway!

So the first day/night there was pretty great, but little to nothing could prepare me for the next day…

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