the writing on the wall

Well any doubt seems to have been cleared up regarding a situation with one of my (former?) friends. We were both on the metro coming in today, I guess I got there first, and when I got up in preparation for the next station, I glanced back and saw him reading about 1/2 a car back. We used to sit together and gab if we found ourselves on the same train in the morning, but I guess that’s changed now. With all the other crap going on right now, I guess that’s just the way of things. Friends becoming acquaintances. It’s something I’m pretty familiar with, actually. Pretty much all of my “friends” in DC turned out to be that way, and when I stopped going online, I just drained out of their memories for the most part.

On the bright side I downloaded 4 albums last night. Though 2 of them I burned in the complete wrong order, I think, as CDDB isn’t recognizing them, but I’ll fix that tonight. I was rushed, since it was Voyager night, and gods help me I was actually considering one of those “Make $2000 a month!” e-mails this morning. Oy vey.

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