i still want that damn cooking show

Tonight was pretty good. I decided to cook. Low-fat meal at that. Turns out mashed potatoes are easy, especially when you’re only making roughly 4 servings, and low-fat meatloaf. Ok, turkey isn’t what one would normally expect to make meatloaf out of, but I must admit it worked out well, and turned out like eating a barbecued turkey burger, so not too bad. I’m pondering starting up a page on my site for recipe exchange, but I have no idea how many people out there cook or more importantly, care, so maybe I’ll skip that idea. Even so, I really must get back into cooking. Especially since this meal’s shopping trip cost (or would have cost, had I not needed to buy staples) about $10 ($31 actually, but I didn’t have some things here in the house that I normally do). Regardless, it felt nice. I figure all that was missing was someone to share it with, or a pet to jump for table scraps. Ah well.

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