been a bad boy…

I had to make a to-do list today for chores to be done by this evening when I get home. I’ve been slacking off, I admit it. And I don’t mean on those evenings where I have dinner with Matthew or go out bowling and don’t get home til 9 or 10, just the regular days when I come in from work and turn on the tv and then I’m lost to e-mail management and ass-on-couch time.
It’s not that my place is a mess, but it is messy enough that I wouldn’t be asking friends to come over and hang out for anything.
So hopefully Law and Order tonight are reruns so it won’t make me look to the television for any amount of time, otherwise, I’ll put on AbFab dvds. And I hope that the laundry room isn’t packed on a Tuesday evening since I have quite a bit to get through the wringer. At the rate I’m going, I may as well have a combination birthday party/housewarming party. That’s assuming I’d have a party to mark that occasion, but that’s another slew of issues. 🙂

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