ain’t that the luck?

Welcome to Vintage Virginia 2000

I went to Vintage Virginia with Darian when we were dating, and I had a blast. It was nice to be there with someone that could appreciate that kind of thing, and that knew enough to teach me a few things. However this year I’ll be on my way to Ohio to see Felissa graduate from Medical School. Clearly the better alternative, but still nostalgia dictates that I feel a little disappointed.

I guess I’ve refrained from posting these last few days ‘cos I haven’t felt terribly happy. Which is odd, since by all appearance I had a “great” weekend. Friday, Chris and I went to dinner, then saw Shrek. Hilarious. And Saturday I came to work then went to a party at Michael’s place which was fun as I love two friends of his, Janet & Dewey, and we were tipsy and it was a gorgeous day, spent most of it sitting on the front porch. Then Saturday evening I went over to Chris’ place and hung out, and Sunday he and I went to lunch and then The Apple Store out at Tysons Mall. It was actually pretty cool, but I’m glad we didn’t go on Saturday. There was a 5 hour wait to get into the store.

So even though I spent a lot of time with people, I still felt terribly lonely this weekend. I don’t know why.

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