news of the strange

… news of the strange …

I actually had a pretty good day yesterday, got some bowling in, saw the Powerpuff Girls movie, dinner in Adams Morgan… unfortunately we missed the fireworks, but passersby said it was a fairly crappy program, which is a shame, since I recall them usually going on for quite a while in the past.

Anyway, I got home, and checked my e-mail and there was a response to my Blade ad. I thought, “Hm, maybe some good news.” Instead it was this:

From: "" 
To: ""
Subject: Washington Blade BladeLink response

--- BladeLinks response from The Washington Blade ---

"Sorry it didn't work out between us. Maybe you
can go and use someone else for a while, until,
of course, you've gotten tired of them ..."

And I’m thinking.. what the fuck is this about? So I sent a very kind reply back saying that I think he’s gotten the wrong person and I’m sorry that someone hurt him, but that I definitely don’t know anyone from that e-mail address. But still, this is very indicative of my “success” with placing personal ads. So far I’ve had 100% non-response to all my ads. Meaning that I get a response to the ad, but when I send back a note I never hear from them again. Kinda pathetic, eh?

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