night owl gets the book worm

Contrary to the previous post, I wasn’t up all night playing the new game, I was up reading. I started with some non-fiction, then onto some fiction, then some comic books. I think I had a little too much caffeine too late in the evening, so I couldn’t go to sleep. I was reading Ultimate X-Men books, I didn’t know what to make of the “Ultimates” series but it wasn’t too bad, trying for a “fresh look” at the X-Men tale. I’m just about to get to the Phoenix Saga, I think, but there may be more plots in the way of that. It’s always a temptation to start buying them again, but I must resist.
I’ve become addicted in the past 24 hrs to this tiny little game called Progress Quest. I’m playing the offline version right now, but this game takes all the worst points out of the *click, click, click, level up* RPGs and keeps all the best parts, killing things and gaining items, stats, gold and spells. And it easily runs in the background while you do other things, it’s great… so great in fact that you don’t even have to be watching the game to play it, grab a drink, finish up that spreadsheet, go to the little gamers’ room, it will manage your character for you while you’re away. After a day I’m already a level 27 Runeloremaster and rising!

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