my phantom menace

Where is it written that when you have a problem and ask someone else to help you with it, and that problem involves electronics of some kind… that it will immediately vanish once the other person takes some time to try to assist you with it?

My Mac seems fine, for the moment, but I don’t trust it one bit. Chris came over last night to give me a hand with it and it displayed none of the problems it had before, none of the odd noises, or locking up. Very weird indeed. Regardless, I’m planning on getting a new hard drive ASAP. He did help me back up all my mail tho, so he’s good for something, at least.

Otherwise, I’m buzzing. Al gets into town tomorrow evening. I feel like I haven’t done anything in prep for his visit (regardless of the cleaning, new housewares, and things). I still have to get some food in the house, get condoms.. just in case things spark. And find someplace to buy flowers to meet him at the station. Oh and get him a Metro farecard, ‘cos I generally don’t drive all over DC when I can ride. Other than that, I think I’m ready. I’ll probably be cooking a fair amount of nights, but I don’t buy ingredients for dinner until the day I cook, so that can wait until Friday or so. I guess I am done. It just doesn’t feel like it. It probably won’t until he’s in my place and resting on my couch.

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