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The Boundaries Of Ignorance

A part of me likes shows like this, but the other part remembers that it’s television, and for every idiot they air, there were probably 3 or 4 other people who knew their stuff, and therefore weren’t the example the show was looking for. There’s even a game show called Street Smarts, I think that does something similar. People just aren’t happy unless they can see someone else they can perceive as dumber than they are, I guess. How else can you explain most of “housewife hours” daytime television?

Life’s been ok, lately, nothing too great. This week was rough though. Al’s visit made me realize how much I don’t enjoy sitting at home alone most nights. While he was here, another friend, Joey, was visiting as well and we went to dinner and I realize how much I miss Joey being around too. And seeing Shawn (yes, I saw Shawn the other day coming home from work, we hung out for a few hours & had dinner) was interesting, to say the least, but that made me realize how much I don’t miss parts of that friendship. He’s still on the fairweather friend list.

Yesterday, Michael and I had tentative plans to hang out, watch the fireworks from his building roof, which would have been fun. I had ideas of grabbing some food and wine and making it a cool type of event. But he’s having a family event in town, so he said he’d have to get back to me. Yesterday he called, and asks me if I wanted to go see A.I., which I didn’t. After having to defend my decision to him, I find the long & short of it is, that he already agreed to see the movie, in essence forgetting or neglecting the plans we’d made. Of course if I’d wanted to go see the movie then it would have all been perfect, how dare I fuck up the fact that he kinda sorta bailed on our plans. I tried to be nice about it ‘cos I understand that dealing with someone’s family isn’t easy, but damnit I’m tired of being nice. Not that I’m a bitch, but it usually happens that I make sure I’m watching out for everyone else’s feelings and end up finding out that no one’s watching out for mine.

Chris was kinda nice this week. When I wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday he came over and brought some movies with him, though it was annoying that after I told him I had no firm plans yet for the 4th (part of me probably foreseeing that I’d be sitting around on my ass), he continued telling me in one way or another of his plans to attend a barbecue. “I better call to see if I need to bring anything,” “Oh I have to remember to pick up…,” and so on. Even the next day his IMs were much of the same. I don’t care how much attention someone wants, once I acknowledge the fact that they’re a great social wumpus and I’m a lowly hermit, please stop rubbing my face in it. I know nobody’s perfect, and I don’t expect people to all turn into mind readers or empaths, I just sometimes wish people (maybe myself included) could be a little more considerate. I know you can’t please everyone, but with a little foresight, you can ensure that you’re not in that many situations where you have to please everyone. At least I think that’s how it can work. I don’t know.

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