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I’m a techie.. I admit it freely. But I’m starting the new year right. Taking care of old things that have lingered for far too long. Such as reducing paper and clutter in my place. This morning I scanned in and converted to PDF about 4 years worth of bank statements. I hardly need them since I get most all my stuff online, but I figured with the bank account, I should keep a record. It’s not like credit cards or such where I really don’t feel that pressed to hold onto statements beyond the duration that they appear online. And most of my cards at this point are just open to pay off.

Unfortunately, this brings up the need for a shredder to get rid of documents… *shopping*

New Year’s went well, I visited Al in Rhode Island and we did the usual baking, cooking, drinking then heading out dancing. I didn’t find my saturation point as quickly in Providence as I usually do here. Possibly due to the faces being different, and having a little bit of the “fresh meat” quality myself, I garnered a little bit of attention, but that passed as I wasn’t taking my shirt off, nor my pants.. or rolling down my undies. Even so, the drinks al and I had didn’t really “linger” with us, so we couldn’t throw ourselves into the swing of things and soon got kinda bored of it, so we left around 2am, though the party showed no signs of stopping at all.

I’m kinda pissed too, my mother’s christmas gift to me, a 5-disc dvd player from Toshiba, was practically dead out of the box. It worked for about an hour, maybe. and now it won’t recognize anything, dvd, mp3 disc, or audio cd. It’s very annoying. However when reading the reviews of other customers for the same product, I should have never added it to my wish list in the first place. I am not alone in the thing spontaneously NOT working. I’ll be better off shopping for one on my own and asking mom to get me something cheaper to make up for it if she wants, since she doesn’t really have to. Their gift of money towards a down payment on a house is more than enough to make up for a dead dvd player and any other crappy (or non-existent) gifts in the coming year.

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