strange days

Ok, I know I need to blog more, I keep seeing things that are worthy of a blog but I always feel too lazy when I get home to write about them. These things usually do not take place at the office, so I don’t write about them when I’m here. In a way I feel that’s good. I’m finally finding more interesting things in the world around me than in the office. Actually the office has been a pain in the ass lately. We’ve been ordered to write up Quality Assurance Plans. These pieces of “QAP” as I like to call them, were required in the statement of work that CSC drew up when they won the contract with EPA. CSC said they’d have them to the gov’t after about 45 days. It’s now 90 days later and we’re being hounded to provide them. We being the employees on the contract, not CSC themselves. Long & short of it is, we have to work like dogs to provide something that we never even promised to provide and that we weren’t truly aware of for a long while. Fun, no?

This weekend was good though, Friday I hung out with Chris and we had dinner and made ice cream. Maple ice cream with walnut brittle. Pure decadence. Also rented Wild Wild West on DVD, hilarious. I really need to try more movies. Maybe renting them at home won’t feel quite so bad as watching them alone in the theaters. I say watching them alone in the theaters ‘cos everytime I think of a movie I’d like to go see, it turns out that all my friends have seen it. And I really hate hearing – “…but I wouldn’t mind seeing it again…” from people. Even when sincere, it sounds like a pity statement.

Saturday passed by without much incident. I was having too much fun playing with Chris’ toy that didn’t work for him, so he loaned it to me. If you listen to any kind of internet music streaming programs, you’ve probably heard or seen commercials for them. SoundLink Wireless Audio. It’s actually pretty cool. I hook the transmitter into my sound card on the PC, the receiver connects to my stereo and it can either transmit on a radio station (88.1 or 88.3) or hook directly into on audio port, which is what I did, though the sound is perfect on either one. So I was busy sending Ministry of Sound throughout the house, and then lounge and club tunes from Live365. Otherwise the day was just chatting online and playing around, then later on some TV and reading and falling asleep on the couch. Perfectly good bum day.

Yesterday I hung out with Gene, he and I have a weird friendship, but then I guess that’s what I have with all of my friends. In any case, Gene’s the sort that will invite you to hang out, yet act very apathetic to your presence. He also likes to hear himself talk, so I usually fall into a “uh-huh” role with him. Regardless, we went to Tysons Corner and shopped, I popped into Williams-Sonoma and picked up some kitchen stuff and we also got over to Crate and Barrel and I picked up 2 glass pitchers and a new set of glasses (which are waiting at home to be put away this very moment). I’m going to have to stop by the outlet in Old Town sometime and do a little more shopping (at outlet prices!)…

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