do I know you people?

So I went home this past weekend to visit my parents. “For my birthday,” says my father. Like I’d choose to spend time and money to go home and not-really-see my family and do nothing. All in all, it was a normal visit. These things can be predicted down the point where they’d be scripted, except they don’t always occur in order.

Generally my father will come get me, he’s never told mom that I’m coming so it can be a big surprise to her. In the first few hours, he’ll tell me I look good, look to see how long my hair is, ask about my job, ask about my car, and ask if I’m saving any money up. Then comes the random small talk, usually started by “So your mother tells me…”, this time around it was about how I hate my apartment, the shark attacks, and whether I watch The Weakest Link. Then he vanishes to watch TV or house work and generally acts as if I’m not even home. Like I’m supposed to have a bunch of plans without him? My parents may live in South Carolina, but it’s not MY home. Actually, it’s not anyone’s home, it’s just where they live. (referring to my family, no offense intended to any SC residents)

Eventually my mother gets home, usually after I’ve either called her, or gone to see her. And we chat for a while, at which point my father shows up to join in. Then mom realizes the house has no food, so we’ll go to the store and chat there and have a pretty decent time. This time was interesting as someone in the meat dept marked the steaks wrong, so we came home with 8 steaks for 50 cents. Dinner, more chatting and then some time on the computer before bed.

The next day my brother will show up, later than he tells us, and with a guest. Never the same woman twice. And usually it will be someone with some kind of special needs that he fails to inform us about. This one rarely eats meat, nice to tell us when we’re throwing steaks on the grill for dinner.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t spectacular. But my parents haven’t done anything for my birthday in years, so why should I expect anything now?

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  1. September 11, 2007

    […] I ever really wrote about how the day went. Just the weekend prior I had flown to visit my parents. That day I wrote about how mind-numbingly average the trip home […]

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