42: birthday anxiety

It was at brunch this past Sunday that I really started to think about it, even though I’ve already been asked by the boy about our upcoming plans for my birthday. Just one month away, it’s not even a milestone, really, unless you’re a Douglas Adams nerd–like me.

Still, though, it’s just one of those things. Aging, getting older, though as a friend pointed out, I won’t have to check a different “age group” box on web forms yet, so that’s something, right?

Maybe this year, I’ll extend birthday time out a week or two. I already celebrate for the entire month, but I’m getting on a bit. No one can begrudge me a cushion. So there will be happy hours and dinners out and brunches and hopefully surprises–difficult as they can be to pull off in this day and age, I still love surprises… so long as I’m dressed appropriately for them. 😉

So, one month to go and I eagerly await the influx of maturity and wisdom that is certain to arrive. That’s how it works, right?

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