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So I’ve been reading more since the 11th, since the news on TV isn’t bringing me anything more than a broken record. One reference from this article gave me pause.

As Thomas Friedman wrote in Friday’s New York Times, “I suddenly imagined a group of terrorists somewhere here in the Middle East, sipping coffee, also watching CNN and laughing hysterically: ‘Hey boss, did you hear that? We just blew up Wall Street and the Pentagon and their response is no more curbside check-in?'”

It does make me really wonder about how our (eventual) response must look to the terrorists, and whether they’re truly shaking in their boots, or if they’re content now that they’ve sent a message and have no fear of our retribution, knowing that we will likely slaughter many innocents before we ever find them and make them pay. Terrorism is always what the big army calls the tactics of the little army. Problem is, the little army can hide much better on its own turf until eventually the big army has to resort to scorched earth. *sigh*

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