the truth

I give it to others, I expect it from others. But it can still hurt. I hadn’t had anything sad happen recently, and I haven’t blogged. I suppose my blogger is a meter for my mood, and I have to work on that, but this just happened today, a conversation between me and a friend about him flaking on plans we supposedly had this weekend.

Brian: hey
Chris: What’s up?
Chris: Srry, been out most of the day
Brian: Ok.. what happened to you yesterday?
Chris: What do you mean?
Brian: Well I thought we’d talked about getting together to discuss the website stuff and me getting the OS X cds.
Chris: ACK, I totally forgot that :/
Chris: I’ve been very ou of it
Brian: I noticed.
Chris: been depressed too much of late
Brian: I guess I have to accept that. I’m curious how you could copy the cds for me, but not think that I’d want to get them that day?
Chris: I don’t know, sorry
Brian: Did you finish with the Buffy tape, or shall I use a new one?
Chris: don’t worry about it
Chris: I’ll get you your tape and Cds
Brian: There’s no hurry, I have blanks here.
Chris: I just get tired of driving down there all the time
Brian: All right.
Chris: Maybe that sounds bitter, but…
Brian: It’s not bitter, it’s true. It may be ill-timed, but true. I understand.
Chris: Thank u

And that’s it. Now I don’t know if he flaked on me ‘cos he’s depressed or if he was lying and just doesn’t like driving to my place, and I’m really bothered by it. I mean this isn’t the first time someone’s complained that I live a good distance away, and I know I do, it’s really not even that far from Chris, but I simply can’t afford much beyond $875 a month for rent, I’m sorry. It further irks me that he didn’t just ask if I could drive over and get them myself, which I would have done, no problem. I mean I’d already allotted time out for Chris, and he kept vanishing all day, didn’t even return a call I made to him to find out where he was. I don’t even know if I’m a sap for continuing to tape Buffy episodes for him, why? ‘cos I told him that I would, and I don’t say it unless I’ll do it. Anyway, not a fun note to go to bed on.

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