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You packed it, own up to it! — Sex Toy In Luggage Gets Man In Trouble [worksafe]

Mardin Azad Amin found himself in a tight squeeze last week when security at O’Hare Airport discovered a suspicious-looking object in his luggage.

So Amin, 29, handled the delicate situation this way: He told security the object was a bomb, Cook County prosecutors said.

After reading the article, I understand his reasons for not wanting to say exactly what it was, however I recall once making a joke about a bomb in my luggage to TSA people. This was well before all the terror alerts and when the sign saying it’s a felony to make any misleading statements about weapons was just a tiny little sticker on the wall instead of being plastered all over the place like it is now. About 20 mins after I went through the metal detectors and was reading a book, they came over, apologized for bothering me and informed me they’d have to go through my carry on bags, reminding me that I should take care what I say in the future. I imagine that today I’d be in an interrogation room before my astonished jaw could even hit the floor.

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