these are the days

… these are the days …

Some days I feel as if I’m truly being tested by the gods.

Anyway, this weekend I was fairly sedate. Was supposed to hang out with Michael K on Friday, but that didn’t happen. Nothing worse than being told that someone will call you and then the phone never rings. Then Saturday Michael D called up early evening, so we did dinner in Dupont, then headed out for some drinks. Started in Dupont, then went over to the Eagle. It was an ok night, I realized that not drinking as much has made me such a lightweight. After two drinks, I was pretty much done for the night.

Sunday was very quiet, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned most all day. Talked to some nice people on AOL, but mainly fended off IMs from guys that wanted phone sex and hookups. Then Lindsay called after X-files and we chatted for a good hour or so about things in general. I invited her to come down for New Year’s and she had a good suggestion that I try to get a hotel room, which I ended up doing, so we’ll have a place to crash. Now must just get champagne and fun things like that.

This morning wasn’t all that notable. I started reading The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living. I got it from Al for my birthday and haven’t really touched it much except to shuffle it from one place to another to convince myself that I’m tidying up. Maybe I felt I wasn’t ready for it yet. So far I like it. It’s interesting to see the perspective of someone that is truly happy, and to realize that sure, it is possible for anyone to be happy, it just requires a different way of thinking and looking at the world.

Of course, I realize that in this seasonal time, it’s also ok to be unhappy. I think I want a healthier balance though where I’m happy more of the time.

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