Netflix virgin

Watched “Wag The Dog” tonight, it was my inaugural NetFlix movie, which I have to say is definitely a sweet deal. I won’t gush too much since most people reading this know what it is already, but at the rate I go through movies, I will more than make up for my $20 monthly fee for the program.

I can’t seem to get comfortable with the temperature in our apartment, it always seems too cold to me. Even with the thermostat set at 78 degrees I’m freezing. When we have guests over, I’m an icicle, since I try to be considerate and set it around 72 or so. Worse is waking up or trying to sleep. I don’t know if I’m adapting or overcompensating or what. I’ve tried sleeping nekkie and in pajamas, most times I get up in the middle of the night to put on or take off something. (maybe its time for that nightvision filter on the webcam $cha-ching$!)

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