happy new year!

… happy new year! …

Welcome to 2002, and a fine one it looks to be. Last night was a great time with Lindsay and Al in town and Kevin spending it with us. There was cheesecake and champagne and a lovely dinner and dancing and drinks and we were safely in bed by around 1am. I really am looking forward to spending more time with Kevin too. I’m glad he joined us last night. And I must make a note to wear much more comfortable shoes to go dancing in.

I’m still working out my New Year’s resolutions, but should have a few set by the end of next week. I do know that one of them is to settle my living situation AND my financial situation. These two things I know I can do on my own, I’d like other things, but not sure whether they are resolves to change, or just desires to work towards. In any case, today’s been quite low-key. Got home from the train station and took a nice long bath, currently boiling water on the stove to get some humidity in here. I have shut down both computers two times now from static electricity through my PDA (which suffered a nasty little crash, but its all good.) I might need to buy a humidifier, I just wish they had one with a more easily washed filter. Maybe I’ll look online tomorrow and see if WalMart carries one or something.

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