I’m back!

… I’m back! …

So 5 days with my parents is probably about 4 days too many, but overall I can’t say that it was so bad. I just wanted to come home much sooner than I’d planned on. In any case getting home was uneventful, even if I did have to take my shoes off in the Greenville airport.

When I got in, I was sort of on a rushed schedule, which Fate decided to throw a few curves into. Al was to get into Union Station at 4:08p, and Kevin was to leave work around 4:30p and be at my place at 5:30 or so. Well… Al’s train was late… later… VERY late, and didn’t get in until after 5pm, so I called Kevin to let him know, which it turns out is just fine since he wasn’t going to leave as early as he’d originally planned. Everything worked out in the end, but I got home and just felt like I hadn’t had time to just… sit since the day started.

We 3 had a nice dinner, I gotta admit, I’m liking him more and more. Then just hung out at my place watching AbFab and stuff, nothing major, just a nice time. I got some nice gifts from Al and from Kevin (such a sweet guy), so coming back home was much more pleasurable and relaxing than I’d originally thought it would be. Now if only I can get my computer problems taken care of, everything will be hunky-dory.

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