not another day

… not another day …

Ok, the job is sucking today, but I won’t dwell on it too much. I’m pretty sure that it’s all been said and I’m slowly getting to the point of flaccid resignation that things here aren’t going to change, therefore the change must be initiated by me, either by way of a new attitude about the job, or simply moving on and getting a new job.

Otherwise things aren’t too bad. I’m getting more stressed out about the move now, since I haven’t heard anything from a realtor just yet, and I’m not sure which way to proceed. I may just have to plan to find an apartment for another year and deal with moving over the course of this year, saving money and whatnot.

Things with Kevin seem fine, we chatted last night before I went to bed. I was wired last night, most likely due to the new pills I’m taking for fat burning and energy. It’s good talking to him, though I wish we talked on the phone more often. Heck, if wishes were fishes and all that, I wish he lived closer, that our schedules were more in sync. When I talk to him online, it seems like I catch him right at the end of his day, so he’s pretty worn out, or maybe he’s just a short IM talker, a lot of people have grown into quick, short responses using instant messenger services. Part of the evolution of the internet. Regardless, since things are just starting between us I have my issues and paranoias rising up, but I do get the feeling that he likes me, so I should just let it go from there and enjoy the feeling. Damn me and my needs for validation!

In other news, I’ve discovered that the antithesis to going to the store when hungry, is going when you really have to pee. I was through those aisles so fast and outta there in record time. Still managed to save $10 with their little bonus card though.

And this morning I brought in the remainder of the cheesecake from New Year’s into the office where it was received with open arms and even more open mouths. And I tell ya, one way to spark up the morning commute is to bring cheesecake in on the train with you. Perfect strangers started chatting with me. Mostly women, of course. But I was glad to have the temptation out of the house. I’m losing pounds and would like it to stay that way. Plus the real reason is that until I clear out the old cheesecake, I can’t make a new one! Ah baking, where would I be without it?

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