the lady is a tramp

… the lady is a tramp …

Speaking of sexy clothes, I have to say that there’s a certain good feeling about pulling something out of the closet that you like to wear… perhaps it’s a size too small, but you wear it anyway, much like Edina would. Anyway, back to the good feeling.. which is looking in the mirror after you put it on and realizing that it’s not quite as too small as it was before. Where’d that bulge go.. and my doesn’t my tummy look smaller, etc, etc. Clearly my efforts to eat better and get at least a little bit of exercise are paying off somewhat. Today turned out to be my black, slightly stretchy CK shirt that makes me feel just a wee bit sexy. Not as if there’s anyone to notice that I look sexy in it since I’m only going to the office and home, but still, walking around the office still makes ya feel pretty swanky. Since I’ve started my efforts, I’ve gotten 2 or 3, “You’ve lost weight” comments, and of course even more, “What do you need to lose weight for?” ones. Those latter ones are good, but they don’t really help, since we all have body issues, and I could stand to lose about 10 pounds… (though I’ll be happy if 20 were to drop off!)

I had a brief chat with Kevin yesterday morning, unfortunately he’s going to be very busy for the next two months and doesn’t think he’ll have any free time until March. It’s not as if we can’t talk anytime online, but I dunno. I can only hope that efforts to maintain the friendship and see if it can become more than that will be made equally from the both of us. I’m know I’m a Virgo and we like to work, but not fruitlessly.

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