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… in the stars …

VirgoOthers may not be as methodical as you, but if you can work together as a team, you will be impressed with the results. Not only that, but you’ll succeed beyond your wildest expectations. Only by getting together with a motivated group can you accomplish much of anything. You may feel that you have all the necessary skills to complete some task on your own, but you need help in some areas. For one thing, you sometimes lack the foresight and courage to ask influential friends to act on your behalf. Let an assertive friend help you get results.

Assuming this is talking about the workplace, I think I need to find a real astrologist. Generic horoscopes tend to suck, and really need liberal interpretation. That first bit may be right, but I have no motivated people in my office and certainly no influential friends. Where’s Carnegie when I need him?

Mike (dinner date from last Thurs) has offered to take me on a “proper date” this weekend. If he manages to get tickets, we’ll probably see Ellen Degeneres at the Kennedy Center. That’ll be two firsts on the same night. Never seen her and never attended any shows there. Still, a proper date. What a novel idea!

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