and now a quick recap of recent days

and now a quick recap of recent days.

Work: BAD – very bad – really really bad – a pain in the ass bad, but I think I can cope. It’s just a matter of too much stuff and not enough cooperation. Too many people in their lives face the “I can’t do everything myself” thing at work, but when you’re a contractor it seems even worse. But that’s the job.

The Two Towers: GOOD – With the exception of kinda sorta having to go potty for the last 30 mins of the movie, I really didn’t mind sitting for 3 hours to watch it. Definitely more eye candy, action scene-wise, than the first film, but the crowd was a little too into it. Too much applause for a story that most of them already knew by heart. Some of the scenes were definitely applause-worthy, but when it came every 30 seconds, I was really glad that there wasn’t any dialogue. Still, visually stunning, much like the first one, and I don’t feel like I wasted my $7.

Househunting: FAIR – I am trying to maintain a good attitude about the househunt, and the realtor is a real professional about it, he’s not pushing me to look where I don’t want to look. I just wish that the housing market didn’t have such an overinflated value in DC. Some places I’ve seen are not worth the money they’re asking, but that’s the way of things, I guess. Plus Sean and I are looking for more of a roommate thing. We may be close friends, but things like sharing a bathroom are beyond anyone over 30, I should imagine.

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