another day

… another day …

Back on the train again, this time headed home at least. It’s been a totally shit day for me so far, however there’s someone a few seats up complaining about 1/2 naked white women in his comics page. Odd.

Today was just one of those days, I got handed this assignment that I was told would be about a 50 page powerpoint slide presentation. No problem. So I get in and find out that it’s actually re-creating a training manual that’s about 200 pgs long… and copyrighted. So once again the EPA freely uses someone else’s stuff without any bother for credit given. And the best part, they want it by Tuesday, yet none of them are really available to discuss it, or review drafts or anything. Isn’t that nice? I did my 8 hrs, sent them frequent updates and left. I barely heard 3 words from them all day today. I’ve just gotta find a new job. Preferably one where I get some fucking respect. I don’t care if my emlpoyer doesn’t like me, but at the least RESPECT me as a professional and don’t treat me like slave labor.


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