guys suck

… guys suck …

’nuff said.

Dating is just a pain, I think. It’s totally not worth it to meet guys that you like. They’ll only end up pissing you off by doing stupid things. This week is Pride week, more or less, and Jake, a guy that I kinda like, but has been MIA for the past week said that he’d like to see a movie playing on Monday night. He said this weeks ago and I said sure. The movie’s tomorrow, I haven’t heard from him except for a few 2 or 3 minute phone calls, and lengthy conversations with his answering machine. He’s off today, I left a message. He’s also off tomorrow, and I can only assume that I might hear from him, since the movie’s at either 7 or 9.

It just makes me wonder if its worth actually succumbing to the feeling of liking someone only to have to deal with the fact that people sometimes just don’t think. Then again, I’m probably just being stupid and moody. That’s what I get for having no plans all weekend. Everything that was supposed to happen, didn’t They didn’t call, or they fell asleep, or they forgot to have my number with them. I don’t expect people to be perfect, but I can’t deal with weak excuses and I’m really sick of hearing the phrase “I’m sorry”. I’ve heard it way too much in my life, ‘cos people are always fucking up and I’m always forgiving them. Why?

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