horrible, painful, funless grind

… horrible, painful, funless grind …

quoth Edina from AbFab, in referring to dieting and detox. I suppose I’ve done it, reached my goal for weight loss. I now hover between 150-155 pounds when I check myself on the scale, which is no longer daily.

Unfortunately, I’ve caught a cold sometime in the past week which is really making me miserable, since I refuse to do what I need to do to get over it… rest. I hate doing nothing, or sleeping all day. I’m not good at it, always feel as if I’m missing something. So instead of sitting around, I went out to movie nights, and Dave and Buster’s, and movies and dinner and really shouldn’t have, but oh well, such is life. I do have to recover by the end of the week though as Al will be visiting for a few days and it’ll do me no good to be sick when he arrives.

Been pretty unmotivated to write much lately, but it feels like not a lot is happening even though I guess it is. I’ve got someone interested in me, though not sure how much I’m interested back. Was interested in someone, but got the “I’m not looking for dates right now” line. Money was good for a while, though my “raise” from work perhaps gives me an extra $30 per paycheck, woo-hoo. Unfortunately getting new tires on my car killed a bit of my savings, but I manage.

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