when the music’s over

… when the music’s over …

The party actually went pretty well. People didn’t entirely get into the spirit of the games, but they sat around, chatted, ate (and ate and ate) and generally had a good time.

Now I’m in those doldrums of being “back to reality”. After having something brewing for so long, once it’s over life seems kinda boring again.

Against my better judgement I placed another personal ad this past week. So far, 2 responses. One of them from someone I already know (seems every time I place an ad about 75% of them are from people I already know, or have already talked to online) and one from someone that I suspect I may have already chatted with before. I guess DC is a much smaller place than it would have people believe. Though the real truth is that really only the same people are looking in the personal ads week after week and when I change up my ad, it looks fresh and new and hope springs eternal again… from both sides.

But anyway back to the party, we had a good number of guests, not as many as I thought might show up, but still the house seemed quite full. We did the place up in a Hogwart’s design and it was appreciated by the guests (as was the vodka and sweets).

Ugh, ok, I thought I was in more a mood to write, but I guess not.

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