like a warm blanket

… like a warm blanket …

There is something terribly satisfying about that first taste of warm oatmeal in the morning at work. I suppose it’s replaced my coffee feeling, though I was never really addicted to coffee.. I guess I was socially addicted to it. That’s what the “in-crowd” drank, so I drank coffee regardless of the fact that I didn’t need the caffeine, and due to that my body was sent into hyperdrive all the time. I haven’t missed it since I stopped drinking it regularly.. 40 pounds ago. *grin* In any case, it gives my day a little bit of a lift. And it’s financially good, since $3 stretches to over 2 weeks of breakfast at the office.

I did a little bit of shopping therapy this morning: George Foreman Infusion Grill, The Indoor Grilling Cookbook, 8 Minute Workouts on DVD, The Ghost Sister, and Dance for the Ivory Madonna. That comprises the books for the next two months LSF discussion nights a new indoor grill & cookbook, and … the 8 minute exercise series on dvd. Which I can justify in that I do want to start exercising, and the gym really does intimidate me when I move beyond the bike or treadmill, and now that I’m really at a lower bodyfat point, maybe I can start seeing some results. (ok, I admit it, I want to see some abs, damnit) And with 4 “8-minute” series on one dvd, that’s about 30-odd minutes of exercise plus stretching (which comes on the dvd as a bonus 8-minute program). So I can be optimistic and say that after a few months I’ll be ready for the beach! Or I could be honest and say that it’ll take longer than that since the DVD will have to collect a few millimeters of dust first.

I don’t know what I need lately. But it’s a change. Admittedly I committed myself to the body change, and it’s working. I look down and my gut is … not gone, but definitely a shadow of its former self. Those lines that your body takes on when you lose bodyfat are starting to show up. My only problem is that it’s hard to keep eating well without reverting to my former food issues. Diet and Depression are a bad mix, since most of the time I don’t want to do anything, let alone eat. And while yes that will help you lose weight, it ain’t exactly healthy. That’s one reason I bought the grill. Time to start eating real food again. Not that I mind having quick cheap meals with little to no clean up… living on stuff out of the microwave isn’t really “me”.

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