pop, pop, pop

… pop, pop, pop …

Ok, I actually found a pop up/under window killer that I actually like. PopNot by HDSoft. Maybe if I give them enough nudges, they’ll give me a free license? *hint hint*. I’m on the lookout for a Spam Blocker for e-mail as well. I’m finally trying to organize my machines at home and the files on them. The older PC is pretty much just for e-mail and mp3 searching, and the newer one plays all the games and movies, while the mac actually holds most of the mp3s ‘cos of iTunes (which is way too awesome for its own good). I’m about to upgrade the Mac to Jaguar too, just ‘cos I love the name, and I got the upgrade cds on ebay, quite cheaply.

And that’s about to be the last of my totally frivolous spending for a while. If I am going to move in the Spring, it is going to take some serious saving up of fundage. And since I’m not the Yard Sale type, charity better begin at home. I only wish I had enough coins in my jar to topple my last Coinstar winnings of over $100 in change. Ah well. I’m still working on getting over my spendy-ness.

Hm, if I do find a good SPAM filter, I guess I won’t get any more fun mails like the previous Ecstasky Air one. I’ll live.

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