aargh, matey

…aargh, matey…

Ok this is new. While I’m waiting for the train home this guy comes up to me, disturbing my Jamiroquai, to ask me if I listen to hip-hop or R&B. He unfolds a list a few pages long of artist/cd titles. $3 and I can get a fully working copy of the album, it’ll even work in my cd player!

Now I enjoy my “pirated” music as much as the next person. But the whole point of *sharing* is just that. I may make cds and give them away, but that’s all. I’d never sell copies of them. I told the guy no since I already owned the ones I wanted from his list and he still said “Don’t you want one for a friend?” I said that I could just as easily copy my own for free, just like he did, then put my headphones back on and went back to waiting. He was still wandering around the station making the same offer to others. I guess some people gotta make a living somehow.

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