Daily Archive: November 4, 2002


over? it’s NEVER over!

… over? it’s NEVER over! … There’s a special place in my chest that tightens up when I see an ex that I’m not completely over, even if its only due to improper closure. It’s usually caused by overwhelming self-control...


who wants to be a millionaire?

… who wants to be a millionaire? … There needs to be a special place in hell, or whatever you believe, for those people that send out, via e-mail or regular mail the “Make money fast in 15 days, ask...


slow weekend

… slow weekend … Ok, not really. Did a lot, actually. Let’s see… Made more steps towards streamlining my computer setup, I installed Jaguar (Mac OS X v10.2) on my mac, which lets it talk to the PCs much more...