it’s like gambling with a sure thing

it’s like gambling with a sure thing, i love the coinstar machine. It turned that big ol’ jar of coins into $55 for me today. Which comes at a well-needed time. I have no idea what to get the family for the christmas, birthday and anniversary coming up this month, as well as some bills piling up and the usual problems of trying to save money as well as deciding what my present to myself MIGHT be this year. *ugh* “most wonderful time” my ass.

Other than that was some liberal application of Febreeze to my jacket and laundering of clothes. Sometimes life offers us a clear window to the past invoked by bringing someone back into our lives. Got together recently with someone I haven’t seen in a few years. We dated briefly then. Nothing of that sort has happened recently and I guess it brought back to me the reasons things didn’t work out very well and unfortunately a lot of them are superficial, or seemingly so. One is the smoking. The smell gets everywhere and into everything. I know that smokers can’t smell it after a while, except for when a non-smoker comes around and then they realize that their havens are funked up to all high heaven. I don’t mind smokers so much as the fact that they seem to linger long after they’ve gone. I sat on the couch for a few hours watching movies and when I got home my jacket, jeans and sweater were quite fragrant with the smell of smoke. He apologized profusely, but what can you do? Someone’s not going to stop smoking because a potential friend hates the smell. Maybe I should move to California, at least then I could go out to the bars and not come home smelling like them.

I need a vacation

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