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Domaine des Blagueurs is Seriously Good Syrah

’nuff said. I picked up this wine at Whole Foods one day when I really shouldn’t have been allowed to buy wine at all. I was totally hammered, but I asked the sommalier for a good syrah and she gave me this, and it’s friggin’ fantastic. Bold like a Syrah should be, gives you a punch in the arm and just envelops whatever you’re eating with it in a silky, smoky blanket of enhanced flavor.

This morning we visited the new Starbucks and it was packed.. the staff was poorly trained.. I asked for a chai latte, and the counterperson reminded me, “there’s no espresso in that, you know.” I said, “Right, I don’t want coffee, I want TEA.” He then asked my name:


He then turned around and said to the guy with the ever-important job of writing the name on the cup, “Brad.”

Still, a good latte, but I hope they show the employees the REST of the training materials before Monday morning, or they are SCREWED.

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