having a car in winter

Have no fear, I’m still alive. I was just stuck at Joe’s for a few days. Heck, my car’s still stuck over there on a side street. But what a pain having a car in winter is.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day was very nice, the restaurant was excellent, and there was even a proposal at a table near us. Very cute. Then Saturday was a party for a friend and then drinks out, a minor altercation at the coat check and then back to Joe’s. Unfortunately when we woke up on Sunday, the snow had started.. and started big time. I made a joke that I might be snowed in, and that ended up more true than I’d thought. However it was better to be stuck with someone than stuck alone and we didn’t spend the whole time inside, though there were more than a few naps taken.

All in all, it still took me 3 hours to get home via metro and taxicab. So much for the city being “Ready” for snow. And they still advise taking public transportation, yet that’s what takes people so damn long to get around. But I guess when it’s the only game in town.

So I’m going to try to get into the office tomorrow since sitting around here may well drive me stir crazy, but we’ll see what happens!

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