forgoing talking about things

I’m going to have to coordinate better the different entries among my journals. Regardless, the weekend was good, got some bowling practice in, went out with Michael for dinner and drinks, which we haven’t done in a while when unfettered of other friends, and that was nice.

I believe my furniture restoration project is nearing the end of phase 1, which is redoing the surface. The legs gave me some trouble, but I may save that for phase 2, which will be done inside, or after it warms up again outside. In the meantime, it does look gorgeous, a lovely rich reddish-brown color with a very subtle satin-like finish.

I saw Christopher this evening, it was… different. Almost felt a little like turning the clock back a bit, though I think we were forgoing talking about things to just trying to enjoy each other’s company. There was tv to watch, Carnivale and the Braves vs Cubs game. There is something so sexy about him when he’s watching a baseball game and he’s got the cap on and he’s ranting at the TV about the plays… it was giving me thoughts best left to late night hours.

I still need to learn how to better express my feelings instead of only being able to offer a sheepish grin and heavy sighs.

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