seven point seven

7.7 after so many votes… DAMNIT! 🙂

Not a whole lot is going on, roomie and I tallied up our debts to each other and now we’re mostly even. Just have to figure the best way to work out bills moving forward. I’ve also tried to start working on some budgeting tactics. I keep seeing my debt and I don’t like it. It’s not huge, but I can work on it and get it down and possibly without sentencing myself to a life of relative poverty. If I can reduce my techno-spending, and focus on perhaps clothing and media I should be ok. Also cutting out $20 lunches can’t hurt. I don’t really act like a high roller, but I could definitely stand to change my habits. And I should be using my money differently. I think the compulsion on 30-somethings to save is a little weird. A great number of the articles I see online basically say “You never learned to save your money!”. And I think, why do I keep $X in a savings account at 2% while my credit card debt is gaining interest at 14.9%. (yeah, I know, I have a crappy rate on my card)

And since I ain’t got a man at the moment, there’ll be no needing to have a lot of disposable cash on hand. 😛

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