Wigfield at GWU

The day just gets better and better. Sean and I went to see Wigfield, performed at GWU with Amy Sedaris, and we got a few star glimpses. Amy wandered out of the auditorium and just went for some fresh air, then Stephen Colbert was walking around too, and when we got into the theater, we were looking for seats and Sean points at two and I’m like, sure.

Then I notice the seats next to us are “reserved” with the name “Oldham” on them. I’m thinking, yeah, ok, maybe Todd Oldham (who took the pictures for the book) was holding seats for a friend of his, then after about 5 mins, who should “Excuse me” his way past my knees but TODD OLDHAM! I was about to burst!

Eventually, I did lean over, after he put down his copy of Psychology Today, and introduce myself and say that I couldn’t believe I was sitting next to Todd Oldham. He said it was very nice to meet me and introduced me to his friend and said that he’d already seen the show 4 times, and it’s hilarious (which it was, my face still hurts from laughter).

I had a great time at the show, today is just MY day, I guess!

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