Are you Ethiopian?

Ok, a very odd thing happened on the walk home today…

I’m walking up the street home and these two men walk out of a building, hardly anything I would take notice of, but I’ve been trying to be more attentive when I have my headphones on, so I did notice when one of them is clearly mouthing something to me. I thought they might need directions someplace as there’s a Walk for the Cure festival going on near my office and they were adorned in a good amount of swag.

So anyway, I take off my headphones and one of the men asks, “Are you Ethiopian?” I tell him that I’m not, and he asks, “You’re not from Africa?” I say no again and he says, “Here, let me tell you why I asked you. People from Ethiopia or …” he turned to his friend for a little help, “or Senegal! They are so beautiful, they are the most beautiful people on the planet, so that’s why I asked.”

The men were very nice, but not really my type, and they didn’t seem as if they were flirting, just making a comment. It was strange, but I thanked him and told them to have a nice day and went on my way.

I think I wrote something about a total stranger telling you how good you look, but I didn’t expect it would actually happen. City life, eh?

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