Tuesday night league

Wooo! Bowl-a-Rama! Our Tuesday night league has started, and while my bowling was off to a VERY bad start, I had a good time nonetheless. I will say that cute bowling outfits do not mix with an alley that’s skimped on the air conditioning. I ended up bowling in my tank top and jeans (why do people call them wife-beaters as if its a good thing? that’s so negative). We have a great team though, and Rob bowled his best game ever. I feel like I’m the team gimp, but I’ll likely improve over time.

It’s hot. I can’t even consider a few minutes without the A/C on. This is unlike me since I like to hold out until I absolutely can with turning on the air, but summer is trying to assert its full power a little early. And when you’re outside, you don’t mind the heat and humidity so much since everyone else is suffering along with you and you might get a nice breeze from time to time. But when you’re inside and look like a wilted flower, it’s time to freeze the place down.

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