Saturday night, Saturday night

S-a-tur-day-NIGHT… *bleh* Highly overrated. We had fun actually, but I tend to wonder if people do things they don’t want to or don’t know why they do them.

We planned to do dinner and some evening bowling and met up in Silver Spring to eat, turns out the alley we wanted to go to was closed (the bowling arrangers of the party neglected to check on things ahead of time) so we ate and then figured out where we might go to bowl, we drove around to one alley that wasn’t really in a friendly part of town, but they were closing for a private party soon, so we went to the place that I’d suggested in the first place in Alexandria, where we go for league nights. And that was a lot of fun, I bowled a game with 5 strikes in a row, not sure how I managed that at all.

Then someone said we were going out to Dupont. No one told me about this ahead of time (a common mistake) so I look at the time and it’s 11:45 meaning we might not even get to the bar until after midnight, which we didn’t. However it seemed like the group was kind of railroaded there, person A said let’s go because person B had said they wanted to go out before we’d even started the evening, person C is likely to do whatever person A says at the moment, and no one confirmed with person B that they still wanted to go out, person D is just wanting to go home and then there’s me, willing to go out if everyone wants to, but just as content to not go out, go someplace to hang out, or just call it a night. So we went out,stayed a very short time, the 1 drink I had was horrible and I was pestered by one of the assemblage to comment on every guy that walks by. I can’t stand people that believe there’s no such thing as not being attracted to someone so they see no reason why you (you specifically, not the general you that includes people like… THEM) shouldn’t talk to anyone that you find attractive.

Anyhoo, got home around 1:30, bed by 2 and so far today’s been nice and slow, got up and made french toast and did laundry, sitting on my ass and loving it. I’ve found that using seltzer water can make a nice fizzy lemonade, very refreshing and … it’s a good thing.

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